ayubowan Sri Lanka

I‘m here in Sri Lanka since some days, and that’s exactly what I was expecting before leaving (my Sri Lanka). Not worst, not better, not bad, not good .. all it’s like before, but all is different. Don’t you understand what I mean? you have no choice, come here and experience it by yourself!

Sri Lanka is day to day life, people going to work, girls and boys going to school, family going to temples, churches, mosques, people going out for lunch and dinner, or in holiday, or visiting friends and relatives, by car, train, motorbike, tuk-tuk or walking: like any other place in the world. That was before, and now .. it seems everyone tend to look over their shoulders, that’s normal you say, we’ll need some time to get out of it .. yes, but we need also confidence by tourists, businessmen and visitors feeling comfortable and keeping coming.

Sri Lanka is nature and wildlife, is an exceptional Country with lot of astonishing spots, they are still here waiting to be enjoyed: great mountains, lot of waters, natural parks, paddy fields, wonderful ocean, whales and dolphins, jungle and big plains, elephants, leopards, peacocks, birds, bears, cobras 🐍 .. all this wonder was here before and it is still there, don’t let the recent events make you forget to come and see all of this! (learn the difference between paddy fields and other rice fields)

Sri Lanka is history and culture: the long history traced back to 1000 b.c. shaped the Srilankan culture and tell us how a mix of origins and a mix of developments created this Country able to intertwine different identity into a model of cohabitation, open to outside but defending its own being.

Sri Lanka is tourism, nice beaches, interesting cultural sites, amazing historical and archeological spot, plenty of accommodations for all different taste and style, great food, friendly people, modern city life beside traditional country activities, luxury shops and real street food .. I still don’t see a reason not to keep coming.


Sri Lanka is design, an high sense of quality and an high sense of beauty, most probably inherited from the flourishing environment and the abundance of colors, tastes and smells; from Geoffry Bawa (Geoffry’s house) to Barbara Sansoni (Barbara’s life) just to name my favourite ones, passing through a lot of other architects, designers or artists that spread the Srilankan style around the world .. what could be better than come and see where they have learnt it?

Sri Lanka is a lot of other things, is the culture of growing and brewing tea, is fashion (don’t you know?), is cricket, fishing, sailing, lights and much much more. We need to keep telling our stories and our feelings, to be sure everybody don’t forget what Sri Lanka is: this is for us, people that learnt how to love this place; this is for tourists that shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go in touch with it; this is for who has business in or with Sri Lanka, that learnt how to build strong relationships here; this is mainly for the people living here, so they do not divide, they do not lose all they have gained in these 3000 years of history and recently during these last 10 years of peace.

You can check this document (Love Sri Lanka) to read some information about the post-bombing situation: true we need still to be careful, but true also Sri Lanka is open and only with a common effort we can get out from the fear zone. I came, I made my step and I get out: today I went to one of my loved place, Barefoot, for some jazz and my favourite Black Pork Curry (one of the best in the World) .. ok .. yes, it’s all like before but it’s all different, and that is because today the Black Pork Curry wasn’t on the black board!!  😁















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